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Hsr miner Nvidia mining software is a closed source miner specifically made for various hashing algorithms. It is designed purposely for Nvidia cards with computing capability of around 5.0. Also note that Hsrminer has ability to support HSR and Neoscrypt algos. One good thing with Hsrminer is that it charges one percentage fee for developers.

The fastest Nvidia mining software

For that reason, consider Hsr miner Nvidia the best option for you if you are interested in mining Neoscrypt based crypto coins. In the meantime, the software is undergoing development to create a version available for Neoscrypt as well as HSR mining support with other crypto algorithms.

Fastest Nvidia mining software

Image source: https://www.anandtech.com

People who have experience using Hsr miner Nvidia say that the software has good improvement in terms of performance. This is a great step comparing it with the previously available ccMiner which was the fastest.

What you should know

It is very necessary for you to make sure the requirements of running the miner software are met. First, ensure that your Nvidia GPU has got minimum compute capability of 5.0. Also the amount of virtual memory you have set under windows should be pretty high. This is because the miner requires a lot of memory, especially for more powerful GPUs. Also note, that if you are using windows 10 you need to have all the latest updates installed. These include creators update. Your driver version is expected to be 388.3x. Once you have these requirements in place, then you are not likely to have issues with this miner.

How to make efficient use of HSR miner by Nvidia

If you really wish to get the best out of using this miner, then start by installation and configuration of NVidia driver. Installation is an easy step that should take you only a few minutes.  You should then go to ‘Nvidia configuration panel.’ You will find this by right clicking on your desktop. Go to ‘3D settings’ and ensure ‘CUDA-GPUs’ is set to ‘All’

Proceed to set ‘DSR-Factors’ to ‘2x’

Finally, and very important, set the ‘Optimize to compute performance’ to ‘yes’. After this, you are sure that you have your Nvidia drivers optimized for mining.

Key features of hsr miner-Nvidia

The software has Nvidia driver 3.88.3+x only. It has cards with CC 5.0+ only. The current testing speeds for HSR are:

  • 1060 3Gb – 8.3+ Mh/s
  • 1080 – 16.2+ Mh/s
  • The testing speeds for Neoscrypt are:
  • 1060 3Gb – 740+ kh/s (non-OC)
  • 1080 – 1280 – 1300 KH/S (non-OC)
  • 1080Ti – 1850+kh/s (users reported speed)

 Download Hsrminer

It worth for you to note that all new features, tweaks and fixes are added to ‘Test version’ first. Therefore GTX 1080, 1070, 1060 3/6 Gb, 100 Ti users are expected to run without any problems.

The bottom line

Finally, when running it on High End MultiGPU systems, you should set up virtual memory higher than 16Gb or even up to 32Gb+ of swap file depending on the number of GPUs installed.