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The last week was full of important events that took place in the world of cryptocurrency. Everything you need to know to stay in touch what is going on with cryptocurrency is listed below.

South-Korea FUD, Crypto outperformred Gold, Japan Banks rumors on Ripple and SEC First Official ICO

1. Cryptocurrency has outperformed gold and bonds on attractiveness of investments: Over the past year, investors have increased the capitalization of the cryptocurrency by 16%, while interest in gold has increased by 15%, and to bonds – by 6%. According to the LendEDU poll  (https://lendedu.com/blog/bitcoin-investor-sentiment-2018) , most investors expect a significant profit in 2018 from their investments in the cryptocurrency.

Events in the Cryptocurrency World

Weekly Digest (5-11 March)

2. Japan banks will release an application for transactions using Ripple: In Japan will be released the MoneyTap application, based on Ripple technology. It allows to make express transactions for ordinary customers at any time. For the moment, residents of the country of the rising sun can make instant transfers only on working days from 8:30 to 15:30.

3. The SEC received the first official application for the ICO: The California Company “The Praetorian Group” officially informed the US Securities Commission about their intention to raise $75 million through ICO.

4. The price of bitcoin reached a monthly low this week: At night, on Friday, on March 9, the BTC rate dropped to a mark of $8,500. Before that, on Wednesday, the price fell from $11,600 to $10,500. Сonsequently, in almost 48 hours bitcoin fell in price by more than $2,000.

5. In South Korea, civil servants can no longer own and trade with a cryptocurrency: However, the government has not yet come up with a single punishment. The authorities decided, that the punishment would be appointed by the ministry in which works the offending official.

6. By bankruptcy trustee, in the past few months was sold as much as $400 million in cryptocurrencies in one of the now-defunct Japanese bitcoin exchange Mt Gox. On March 7 were published details of the sale by trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi. Find out, that 42 988 044 343 Japanese yen is the amount of approximately $ 405 million at fixed prices. The trustee liquidated 34,008.00701 in bitcoin cash and 35,841.00701 BTC – according to the creditor report.