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The Forbes magazine recently published a list of the world’s richest people, who keep their property in crypto currency. According to this information, there are currently 19 people in the world, whose crypto portfolio makes at least $ 350 million, and only men are at the forefront.

The top of the list

The top of the list of crypto-wealthy men have been gathering their assets in different ways, but they are mainly creators of larger cryptocurrency projects or brokerage platforms. We may also spot among them those who have contributed to the profitable cryptocurrency mining companies in time due for investors.

The richest people in the cryptoworld

The top is crowned by 57-year-old Chris Larson, who is the creator and CEO of the Ripple (XRP). No doubt, he is currently the richest person in the crypto world. He holds 5.2 billion of XRP crypto coins, with total treasure $ 7.5-8 billion worth.

The next man in the ranking is estimated to have 1-5 billion crypto currency. This is Joseph Lubin, aged 53, who was one of the co-founders of the Ethereum platform as a financial investor. In addition, he created the Consensys company, which helps companies in 28 countries to bring new crypto currency businesses.

You can see the men who got fabulously rich in the literal sense of word:richest people in the cryptotrading

While some of the rich laid the foundations for their fortunes in the early years of bitcoin in 2009-12, the ranking also included those who collected their property with Ethereum, the ICO of which was not before the summer of 2015. The average age of the top richest 19 is only 42 years old. For comparison, the richest Americans in Forbes 400 feature the average age of 67 years.

New projects – new opportunities

As the market for cryptocurrency is very volatile and prices fluctuate within large ranges, the specific ranking of the richest people can change very quickly. More and more new cryptocurrency projects are being introduced and intermediary environments are being created. If any of them should prove to be popular, then creators will quickly find themselves on the above list.