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You can tell the strength of a cryptocurrency by its development roadmap. And when it comes to roadmaps, the mothership roadmap is in a class of its own. But before we dwell further on this roadmap, let’s first understand what mothership is all about. Mothership is a crypto exchange that is built with security in mind. It has some advanced security features that make it almost impossible for it to be hacked. On top of that, it has a roadmap that meets all the hallmarks of greatness. Let’s look at some of its.

Overview of the Mothership ($MSP) Updated Roadmap

MSP Coin RoadMap

Mothership a roadmap that meets all the hallmarks of greatness.
Source: https://trello.com/b/c9rnY5mI/mothership-roadmap-2018

1. Testing of the bespoke matching engine-limit and market orders

This feature will allow buyers to place orders at a price they believe will give them the best returns. Considering that this reduces the risks that traders are exposed to through market orders, it is guaranteed to increase the number of traders seeking to use this platform. And as the number of users grows, so will the value MSP coin. That’s because exchange linked coins tend to grow in tandem with the growth of the underlying coin.  This potential for growth makes MSP one of the best coins to hold right now in anticipation of the completion of this roadmap.

2. Fiat deposits and withdrawals

This is probably the most important feature in the mothership development roadmap. In coming months, investors will be in a position to deposit and withdraw fiat currency on the mothership exchange. This is a big deal because it will shore up the levels of liquidity on this exchange.  As this liquidity increases and more traders join the platform, you can expect the value of the MSP coins to skyrocket. Remember most small upcoming exchanges don’t have this features, which means it will push this platform to the same league as the more established, and globally known exchanges.

3. Orderbook testing

For an exchange to work effectively and maintain good levels of liquidity, it needs to have a functional order book. Mothership is in the process of developing one. In fact, this feature is already   in its testing phase. Once completed, you can expect it to have major impact not just on the overall value and usability of the mothership exchange, but also on the value of the MSP coin.  It will be a big reward for those who take the risk and invest in MSP now.

4. Android and IOS applications

Part of the mothership roadmap in 2018 is to create applications that are accessible via android and IOS. Once this is implemented, mothership products will easily accessible by a wider audience from all across the world. This will have a major impact on the value of this platform in the crypto exchange space, and as a consequence, shore up the value of the MSP coin.  Therefore it makes sense to invest now, before this development comes to fruition, because the impact on the coin’s value will be magnanimous.

5. Multisig wallet development

The Multisig wallet is one of the best features under development for the mothership exchange. This will add an extra layer of security for this platform, on top of the other security features such as the 2-FA and the e-residency, which are also under development.

Clearly, the mothership roadmap has everything going for it.  If this roadmap is anything to go by, then MSP is selling at a bargain right now, given that it is trading at below $0.50. It’s time to stock up, and await the roadmap completion. If everything goes as planned, even a price of over $1 is possible in the near future.