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Dragonchain is determined to change the cryptocurrency industry. It has established an incubation program specifically for the start-ups, as well as company funding regardless of the stage that the company is. This program is known as Dragonscale.

For a successful application of this program, there is need to have a strong whitepaper, a team with solid foundation and a good investment on the social media assets. In 2018, Dragonchain has announce five Dragonscale incubator projects that will benefit the dragon community but it will start with the incubator program application. The five incubator projects are;

Dragonscale – Incubation program for the start-ups

  1. Iagon, an Artificial Intelligence powered supercomputing.
  2. GiveWithNothing.org, a trustless charitable giving organization.
  3. BioCrypt Technologies. This is an RF based biometric wallet that is designed for payments and security.
  4. Metropolis. This is an employment marketplace.
  5. Look Lateral, a worldwide art exchange

This incubation program is open to all project types at all levels of their developments so long as the below three basics.

  1. The whitepaper.

This is the document that entails the description of the project. That is, the idea behind it, the goals, markets, planned execution and why it may stand out from its competitors. A successful whitepaper will speak volumes on the uses and the advantages of the coin or token in the subject. A whitepaper resembles a business plan but it covers all aspects of the project; that is the business part, the technological part as well as the coin details on the economic issues.

While creating the whitepaper, the team behind it should use terms and illustrations that can be understood by the people who have no financial or technological background.

  1. The team running the project.

The success of a project is highly dependent on the team that is overseeing it. This team is solely responsible on executing any plan that is brought up. The team is responsible for providing a foundation of running the business and it is one of the biggest priority of the many available evaluations. It is important that the team should have high levels of experience, connections in the industry, past relationships with the members in the areas that contribute to the development of a strong team.

  1. The community.

In order to qualify for a Dragonscale application, you need to have the ability to convey a message and build a stable community around it. In this day and age where information is power in running of a project, it is important to invest heavily on the assets that comprise of the social assets. These assets help greatly in building a strong project community throughout the lifecycle of the project.

If a project has the above three put in place, they can apply for a Dragonscale incubation program.