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Yes, you can mine cryptocurrency on iMac. If you’re interested in earning extra cryptocurrency, then you may find that mining with your Mackintosh desktop computer is a great way to get paid for work that you do from home.

How to mine cryptocurrency on Apple iMac

So, what is cryptocurrency mining, anyway? Well, it’s the process of running the cryptocurrency blockchain. When you mine, you’ll be using your iMac to tally up transactions and to make certain that information about transactions is authentic, secure and processed just as it should be. Miners work together to maintain the integrity of blockchains. They get paid for their efforts with virtual currency.

Which Cryptocurrencies Can I Mine on Apple iMac?

You’ll be able to mine Bitcoin and Litecoin on your iMac. You’ll also be able to mine Zcash. Ethereum is another popular form of virtual currency which may be mined on iMac. The truth is that it’s possible to mine almost any form of cryptocurrency on an iMac, as long as your computer has sufficient power and you have the right mining software up and running.

A lot of iMac owners use special programs which make mining easier. There are a range of programs and apps out there which are designed to make life easier for newbie or experienced cryptocurrency miners.

Since Bitcoin is by far the most popular and valuable form of cryptocurrency (on December 7, 2017, the value of just one Bitcoin was 15917.49 US dollars!), let’s talk about how most people mine Bitcoins on their iMacs.

How to Mine Bitcoins on iMac

First, you will need to create a cryptocurrency wallet. This is a mandatory first step. You wallet is the place where you’ll store any Bitcoins that you mine, purchase or get. There are tons of wallet providers out there and you can find a list of good ones at the official Bitcoin website. As well, this online resource will provide you with a lot of helpful information about how the wallet setup functions.

Best Mining Software for iMac

MacMiner is the most popular mining software for Mac users.

After you set up your virtual wallet, it will be time to join a cryptocurrency mining pool for Bitcoin. As with wallets, there are plenty of options and the biggest names in Bitcoin mining pools are based in China. Every pool has different rules, so compare the cost of transactions (some may be free) and read reviews and online information before you decide. Go for an established mining pool which has a strong and positive reputation.

The last step is selecting the right software for mining. There are plenty of choices, but MacMiner is probably the most popular.

As you can see, setting things up for mining cryptocurrency on iMac is a three-step process. It shouldn’t take too long and it’s something that more and more people are doing. While everyone who mines for cryptocurrency doesn’t make money, some people make a ton of money. This form of income generation is right on the cutting-edge. It’s ultra-modern and perfect for anyone who is comfortable with computer software and cryptocurrency. Even newbies should be able to master mining virtual currency on their iMacs fairly rapidly, as the software used to mine does so much of the hard work automatically.

Which Technical Features Will You Need?

If you want to make money from this, you will need an iMac computer which has a lot of power. Most people who mine for cryptocurrency on Macintosh computers invest in the higher-end Mac computer designs. A MacBook Pro will be a good choice, as will an iMac which features 5k display. Some people do utilize MacBook Airs or Mac Minis. However, the last two computers from Mac that we mentioned don’t feature high-power GPUs, and this is a drawback.

One thing that you need to know is that high power is required because mining is about solving mathematical equations which are extremely complex. These equations are known as hashes. If you solve enough hashes via your iMac (the number of hashes that people need to solve in order to get rewards is always getting bigger), a block of Bitcoins (or whichever virtual currency you choose to mine) will be released. The person who solves the last equation (hash) is the one who receives the entire block. Since people are battling to solve the final equation, the Bitcoin mining niche is very competitive.

So, we do recommend buying the most advanced and impressive iMac around. A design which does have 5k display capability is strongly recommended. Also, you should know that cost of electricity will factor in when it comes to making a profit. Solving these equations requires a lot of “juice”. Keep this mind before deciding whether or not to mine cryptocurrency on your own iMac.

Why Do People Mine?

People do this to earn money and they also do it because they are intrigued by the power and potential of virtual currency. The rising value of Bitcoins underscores the fact that cryptocurrency is a lucrative market. There are different ways to participate in this market and mining is just one of them. Other people trade virtual coins in order to turn a profit. It’s also possible to hold virtual coins in a wallet and get paid by a cryptocurrency platform just to keep them in the wallet.

People buy and sell virtual currency every day. They speculate on it, just as they would speculate on world currencies at Forex. The difference is that everything is virtual. It’s anonymous and it’s not overseen by big banks. Cryptocurrency is revolutionary.

Now that you know more about how to mine cryptocurrency on iMac, you”ll be ready to decide if this money-making strategy is right for you. There’s certainly no harm in giving it a shot! With any luck, your iMac will solve the last hash and you’ll be rewarded with a block of cryptocurrency that boosts your personal wealth. The more that you read about mining for cryptocurrency before you get started, the better. It’s always good to know what you’re getting into.

Your own iMac may be the key to making a fortune, just by using some mining software regularly!