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Ripple seems to the real time gross settlement system, currency exchange and remittance network through the use of Ripple which is also known as the Ripple Transaction Protocol. This has been built upon the distributed open source Internet Protocol, consensus ledger along with the native cyptocurrency which is known as XRP. At the initial core structure of the system, it has been on the basis of shared public database or ledger that makes use of the consensus process that facilitates the exchange, payment and remittance enclosed in the whole distributed process.

What is Ripple and how to buy XRP coins

What is Ripple coin?

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It is recognized as the global settlement mesh of bank that makes the transfer process convenient as it would allow any currency to transfer in just seconds. It has rendered the archaic process of sending the money with the help of Western Union Obsolete or SWIFT.

At such instance, Ripple has full dedication and consideration on working with the partnered banks, providing them more effective and cost-method technique for sending the real-time payment all across the globe.

Reason of Ripple introduction in banks

There are some bank embraced the Ripple platform that includes Yes Bank, NBAD, Axis Bank , Union, UBS and much more. As per the directive of the Ripple, banks are able to save an average payment of approx $3.76 per transaction with the employment of their protocol. While considering the fact that banks carry out millions of transaction each year, it would be delivering a great saving and seems to be advantageous for the banking sector.

This platform has been lead by Brad GarlingHouse however the concept and ideas behind the scene was of David Schwartz which was the Chief Cryptographer. Ripple continues to search and hire the real talent all across the globe and aims to allow the majority of payment that has been done internationally. There are some of the advantages over supplementary crypto-currencies; the major of them is that it works directly with the banks. The transaction is fast and is being confirmed less than three to four seconds. It can be demonstrated that it is best suited for purchasing the daily items, supposing that it is being adopted by the merchants and customers all across the globe. Another advantage that makes them popular is that it can handle one thousands transaction a second.

How to purchase Ripple in 3 easy steps

Step 1 – Get a Ripple wallet

How to register XRP wallet

The first thing that is required for buying XPR coin is Ripple wallet.

The first thing that is required for buying the coin is Ripple wallet and there is also need to make sure that you must write down the secret key and save in the safe location. This secret key will facilitate the user to get admittance to the wallet. The wallet is required for purchasing the coins as sum of money would be deducted from the user wallets. At initial, the wallet needs to be funded with the 20XRP reserve for the protection against spam attacks. After the creation of the wallet and creating the profile there is needed to proceed further that has been discussed in the next step.

Step 2 – Find a Ripple Exchange

There are various methods available for the purchase of Ripple at existing time. You can easily purchase it with the Fiat currency, or choose the alternative option to trade Bitcoin for Ripple on precise interactions.

Buy Ripple with Fiat Currency

It is considered as the best and effective method to purchase Ripple coin that doesn’t already attains their own Bitcoin. They can make the purchase directly by means of credit card or wire transfer option available for the purchase of Ripple coins. It is probable to purchase the XRP with the help of wire transfer. After signing up for the account, there is need to following their KYC done that makes it convenient to send the EUR by means of USD by bank transfer or SEPA transfer. Bit stamp facilitate the individual to move their funds toward the platform though trade coin or credit card for XRP. This below section will help you understand how to purchase the XRP with the help of Bit stamp:

Ripple Withdraw Tip

Don’t forget to withdraw the coin into the own wallet of Ripple!

Gatehub seems to be additional exchange that facilitates the Ripple coins. At initial, there is need to sign in to Gatehub and make the KYC process done. This accepts the bank transfer and SEPA transfer, regardless of the fact it already has $15 free for the bank transfer. After attaining the EUR or USD, it would be looking to be traded regarding XRP on the Gatehub.

Buy Ripple XRP with Bitcoin

All the way through the community of Ripple coins, the consensus seems to the less expensive method to buy the XRP is with the Coin base or additional provider initial. The Bitcoin be able to sent to exchanges and traded intended to XRP. There are some additional exchanges that can be used for buying the Ripple coins and are listed below

  • Coin check or Bit bank
  • Kraken
  • Coinone or Korebit
  • Poloniex, and Bittrex,

Step 3 – Withdraw your XRP to your wallet

It is recommend not to leave the XRP on the exchange that user bought for the reason of the fact that user is not actually controlling the private key regarding the 4 coins and for such, it doesn’t depicts that it is their Ripple coin. It is asked to withdraw the coin into the own wallet of Ripple account that user hold the private key. After the transaction has been confirmed, it depicts that customer has successfully completed the process of purchasing the Ripple coins.


With the detailed description it can be concluded that ripple is offering great benefits to the banks by making them save a great amount of money on each transaction. The article has detailed about the process of purchasing the Ripple coins.

Hoping you receive the best value of your time. In case, if you still come across any sort of issue while purchasing the Ripple coin please drops the comment, your query will be answered as soon as possible. Have a nice and great day ahead!