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WhatsMiner M3 11.5 Th/s is a bitcoin miner that uses its own power supply of 2100 watts and a consumption of 2000 watts. It uses a 28nm ASIC chip technology. WhatsMiner M3 has an in-built controller meaning you don’t have to have a separate controller to run it. The harsh rate is between 11.5 to 12.0 Th/s with a consumption of 2000 watts and for this to work efficiently, you need a 220v circuit.

WhatsMiner M3 – One of the best bitcoin miners?

Image source: https://www.lelong.com.my

The WhatsMiner is manufactured by Pangolin miner, a company based in China. With that harsh rate, the WhatsMiner M3 11.5 can produce 0.003 bitcoins per day. This makes the WhatsMiner M3 11.5 Th/s more powerful than other bitcoin miners like the S9. It is important to note that it will take time be for the Miner is able to achieve its optimum Harsh time. Harsh time is however dependent on the room temperature.

Specifications of WhatsMiner M3

It weighs about 4.1 kg and its dimensions are 335mm in length by 125mm in width by 155mm in height. These measurements are quite impressive for an incredible machine like the ASIC Miner based on what it can achieve. These dimensions make it smaller than the earlier version, the M1. The design and the processes that the minSer has, sets it on a forefront in the market that is growing rapidly given the rising popularity of bitcoins in the recent times.

Configuration of WhatsMiner M3

Image source: https://swsmart.ru

WhatsMiner M3 configuration

After you have bought the WhatsMiner M3 11.5 Th/s, you need to connect the Ethernet cable to your miner and the other end to the router. A high grade power supply is needed. The miner powers on automatically after all the connections have been done correctly. You can watch a YouTube video for the correct way to set up and configure the WhatsMiner M3.

Smooth configuration

For smooth configuration, knowing the miners IP address is required.  While configuring, you need to link the IP address to a web browser then log in to the configuration page. To get the IP address, you will need to turn on the WhatsMiner app in the computer, the IP address will appear shortly, and this IP address guide you while trying to configure the Miner so as to start mining. Open the browser and type in the IP address of your miner enter the username and password, the default is root.

Power efficiency

WhatsMiner M3 is a great Bitcoin ASIC miner just as all the rest of the ASIC miners in the market. What separates WhatsMiner from the rest is that the price of the miner and the power supply are quite reasonable. The power efficiency is reasonable based on the technology the ASIC uses. On running tests, the WhatsMiner M3 performed as advertised with the harsh rates ranging between 11.5 Th/s and 12 Th/s. although the power consumption is high, the cooling fans do a great job in keeping the ASIC miner cool. This miner is quite loud averaging around 82 db. This miner will definitely make a great competition with other miners in the market.