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In the much earlier days of bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, it was possible to mine using your CPU and then GPU as the difficulty increased. Mining as becoming more complicated rendering CPUs or GPUs less profitable for mining.

The most popular soft to mine crypto on ASICs

To mine bitcoin now, you will need specialized hardware known as ASICS combined with software applications to manage the rigs. Let us take a look at some of the best ASIC Miner software you could use in bitcoin mining.

CGMiner mining software

CGMiner is easily the most popular mining software comprising of a handful of features like logging, config files, monitoring, overclocking capabilities and API monitoring. It was written in C which makes it support the three major operating systems –Windows, Linux and Mac. It also supports most bitcoin ASIC Miners like Cointerra, Hexfury and BlackArrow. CGMiner allows you mine solo, or using a pool. It is mainly compatible with FPGAs and ASICs. However, downloading a version below 3.7.2 allows you to use it for GPU mining.
The CGMiner has a control on the hardware which allows you to change several settings like voltage or other features in the ASIC or FPGA. The software also has a scalable network scheduler that scales to any size hash rate without network delays.

BFGMiner – a modular ASIC/FPGA miner

This software is a fork of CGMiner, so it is quite similar but has some unique features – some of which include integrated overclocking, ADL device reordering by PCI bus ID and fan control. The major difference between the two is that BFGMiner uses the newer getblock template and not the getwork template.

EasyMiner – simple way to mine

EasyMiner is an open source GUI based miner that works with CGMiner, CCMiner or Minerd. Rather than standing alone, it provides an easy-to-use GUI for any of the three software mentioned above. This means that you first have to download and set up any of your choice. EasyMiner can be used for solo mining or pooled mining and also supports both the getwork mining protocol and stratum mining protocol. Software has its own integrated crypto wallet.

Nice Hash – the largest mining marketplace

NiceHash is the best bet for those who are new to mining as it allows anyone to mine cryptocurrency using their computer’s CPU or GPU. Anyone can easily set up a NiceHash Miner in just a few minutes. Nice Hash also sells cloud mining contracts for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Zcash . All you have to do is purchase some hashing power.
For bitcoin mining, there is a spoil of options to choose from. You could go with hardware or cloud-based mining. Note that cloud mining providers offer short and long term cloud mining contracts at different budgets. If you want to mine using hardware, there are lots of mining software, and you can choose from some of the ones we have listed above.