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Cryptocurrency mining is a topic of hot discussion among many Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin enthusiasts. Thus, it comes as no surprise, that Cryptocurrency mining these days need advanced hardware, which requires regular maintenance to maintain productivity. One of the key areas of concern is heat, which has been every miner’s worst nightmare, especially if they use an ASIC Based mining rig.

Solutions for ASICs temperature problem

Majority of Cryptocurrency mining involves solving complex puzzles which require a considerable amount of energy and resources. The process generates extreme heat over a small period of time, which could eventually hard the components if not controlled. The standard workable temperature for an ASIC based miner is about 60 to 70 degrees, which can only be achieved by implementing proper temperature control and heat dissipation measures. In this article, we will look at some options to help maintain temperature while using an ASIC based miner.

Standard Liquid Cooling Rig

Immersion Cooling Enclosures are a good option for ASIC cooling. These enclosures allow the rigs in a special fluid with a low boiling point. This results in greater heat absorption. Most standard immersion enclosures come with a condenser system fitted on the lid. This system cools down the vapor and the liquid drops to the pool again. A good example of a cooling fluid is the 3M Novec Engineered Fluid for big ASIC Miners.

Water Chiller / Crac Rig

Another popular option especially used in big mining rigs and data centers is a water chiller. Similar to a traditional cooler, this uses an advanced variant of a cooling refrigerant to keep cool. They are also equipped with compressor and other pumping gear for added efficiency.

Immersion Cooling Rig

Immersion Cooling is still at a fledgling state in the industry, as it is still not in widespread commercial use. Most immersion cooling rigs are custom made depending on the mining hardware they are working with. The special liquid which is used is non-corrosive and non-conductive along with efficient properties to remove heat. Allied Control is just one of the very few companies which have started producing such units.

Evaporative Cooling Rig

Evaporative cooling is great for environments with low humidity. Such setups have a medium that is used to drip warm water over the system while large fans draw the outside air for producing cooler air.

Using Mineral Oil for ASIC Cooling

Using mineral oil is a relatively new concept and many DIY mining enthusiasts have started using this technique. The biggest advantage of using mineral oil is its excellent insulating properties. Thus, submerging electronics in it is not a hazard. Moving the oil through a cooling radiator can ensure that the oil stays cool.

Final thoughts

Cryptocurrency mining rigs are expensive pieces of technology that need to be maintained and preserved for prolonged use. Hence, taking steps to ensure that physical damage is minimized should be the top priority. Since heat is the number one concern for causing hardware damage, following the above suggestions and conducting some market research should be the right solution.