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Ever since their inception that came with the advent of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies have been on a steady path of growth. This growth has seen the introduction of new kinds of cryptocurrencies, but few have shown as much potential as Electroneum or ETN. While the mining possibilities are indeed varied, this article will cover how to mine it using a standard computer setup with AMD and NVIDIA GPUs or a standard CPU.

Mining Electroneum (ETN) with AMD and NVIDIA GPUs or CPUs

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How to start mining Electroneum with GPU

Step 1: Set up your hardware

Your standard hardware setup must prioritize graphics since it is your graphics card (GPU) that is going to be generating the coins. In this case, NVIDIA or AMD graphics such as the Radeon series will do nicely. Ensure that you have an adequate power supply to your system as well, preferably a minimum of 750w if you are planning to run more than one graphics card.

Step 2: Set up your Software

Regardless of the operating system that you are using, the following software are a must have for the mining process.

  • Get yourself a wallet address

One of the unique features of ETN is the fact that you can store it on a cloud or in an offline wallet. This will be the first software that you must set up before you begin mining. You can create your wallet on ETN’s official website, and also download the Android Wallet App from the app store if you are on Android.

  • Mining Drivers and Mining software

These are the software that will do the actual mining for your rig, so they must be downloaded and installed. Some of the most famous software at the moment includes AMD’s xmr-stak-amd, and xmrMiner CUDA for NVIDIA. Be sure to install their respective drivers as well in their latest forms, from the respective websites.

  • MSI AfterBurner Overclocking Software

While not entirely necessary, you can add in this software to maximize the output of your computer as it mines. Overclocking software essentially pushes your computer to achieve its maximum processing potential, so that you can get the most out of your computer or faster processing rates.

Step 3: Configure your mining files

These are just a few configurations to help make your work easier such as changing your wallet address to make it easier to access your details, or stats and hash rates on the ETN website. Once you are done, run your mining software and you are all set for mining!

How to start mining Electroneum with CPUMining Electroneum (ETN) with GPU

CPU mining can be great with laptops with less processing power than GPUs. Some of the software available for CPU mining includes EasyMiner, MinerGate, and Eobot. Simply install and enter your wallet address. Run the software and you are good to go!

Your CPU should also be up to par, the most recent the better. It is worth noting however that most of today’s miners no longer use CPUs and have switched over to GPUs because they are much faster at solving coin generation algorithms. However, this should not deter you from starting your mining career, because what is important is the fact that regardless of which processing unit you use, there will be results.

Happy mining!