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The last three months of 2018 has seen t big dip for the cryptocurrency industry. The coins with the market dominance such as bitcoin, ethereum, Litecoin have suffered some of the biggest losses of 51%, 71.7% and 48.6% respectively as at 31st March 2018. While these prices continue to drop, there are new & younger coins are now stealing the headlines and it is hard to tell the future of these coins.

Vechain ($VEN) Price Analysis, March 2018

As at 1st April, 2018, top 20 coins were trending downwards except Vechain and Tron. Vechain has remained relevant by its increase in market cap of about 45.7% since January 1st 2018 it was termed by CNBC as the only digital asset survivor in the current down trend. Despite this increase, its price has been affected. It started the year at $2.3 then rose to $8.28 on January 23rd but since then, it has experienced a down trend just like the other coins. As at the time of writing, its price was $2.9 but more investors have shown a lot of interest on it. Its market cap is currently slightly over $1.52 billion. Having listed in 21 exchanges, it had a 24 hour volume trades of over $89 million.

How Vechain kept its market cap on an upward trend

Vechain current market price on hashrunner.com

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The Vechain’s market cap has not been affected by the decline in the overall market cap as well as the regulatory measures that have been put on place. So how did Vechain manage to stay relevant? This has been enabled by its unique price incentives for its investors as well as the superb relationship it has maintained with its stakeholders. Also, Vechain has some of the best voting rights among the crypto industry. These three attributes have attracted more investors.

Vechain introduces distributed vending of data

This allows the data providers to exchange private data with consumers under a protected system, which has the capability to adapt to different cases of data sharing. By introducing data vending, Vechain aims at allowing the data providers to use the existing blockchain as an infrastructure to apply for any regulations and compliance that may be needed. This guarantees the investors that it may not be affected by any change of regulatory measures that may come up.

Vechain gets listed on Bithumb

Bithumb is now taking most of the top coins that have a lot of potential in the crypto market. Vechain will not be left behind in these developments. Bithumb announced on their website that they will be listing this coin after a review by the Bithumb cryptocurrency Deliberative commission.