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In the cryptocurrency industry, there are developments that happen on daily basis and take different forms. For your project to survive in this market, it needs to have a working idea that will add value to the market investors. While there may be a lot of market developments, it does no guarantee a projects value. In pursuit of the investors needs, Tron has recently launched test net.

Tron $TRX coin launches the Test Net

What more needs to be done?

A test net launch is often considered as the minimal development in the crypto world as this is an expectations with all coins. With the launch of Tron’s test net, there have been quite a number of disappointing aspects. For instance, days after this launch, there was no test net and this is unacceptable especially for a high-value project like Tron which is currently over $2.3 billion. However, this has now been sorted.

Tron may seek to offer a long-term value but is slow rate of development is a major concern among its stake holders. The going live of Tron’s test net has received a lot of hype of its community and is a requirement that they could have done months ago.

In addition to this hype, there have been massive advertising in Times Square. However good the advertisement looks, it may mean nothing until the main net goes live. However, there is a lot of work that needs to be done but by launching this test net, it’s a positive development for the coin.

Are there expectations in the cryptocurrency industry?

Different industry stake holders have different expectations. The launch of a test net is not major development that Tron investor are looking out for. Similarly, this development does not mean that people will start developing applications that are based on Tron. Still, there is no guarantee that TRX will be used in a meaningful manner.

There a lot of mixed reactions fro this launch and on a positive note, the Tron developers actually launched this test net ahead of their schedule. This is a really good thing to start with. When you beat a deadline, there is a lot of confusion among the members of your community.

The effect on the Tron price

The issues that surround price are completely different from this test net launch. Tron just launched a test net and not a final product ready for the market. The price will be determined by the ability of Tron to deliver the goods and services in terms of a launch of working products for the stake holders. The delivery of these products will rely on the foundation set by the test net.