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Synereo (AMP) is the coin that will transform the digital content creation industry for good. That’s because it gives content creators a chance to make money off their content. So how will that happen? Well, a few months ago, Synereo announced that it would be using wildspark to allow YouTube creators to monetize their content. This will have a massive impact on the value of AMP. Here’s how.

Synereo ($AMP) Coin Overview and Price Forecast

For starters, it will see a huge adoption by the music industry. Unlike in the CD age, most musicians in the 21st century are finding it hard to make money through their content. That’s largely because of free downloads on You Tube and other sites. On top of that, even in situations where they get paid through music streaming services, it is the streaming companies that get to keep a huge portion of the profits. That’s about to change completely thanks to the Synereo wild spark deal. That’s because through this platform, a musician can take full control of the content they release, and get paid for it in AMP coins. Once this goes mainstream and is adopted by top musicians, you can expect the value of AMP coin to hit the moon. In fact, this could be the next big coin outside of those that are focused on disrupting the finance industry.

Then there is the fact that online media companies have been restricting the ability of new content creators, to monetize their content through advertising. YouTube for example has recently introduced new policies that literally make it impossible for new content creators to ever make any money off their content. This is guaranteed to push them towards wildspark as they try to not only get control over their content, but to also earn a living. You can expect this to push up the value of AMP coins as this demand comes in.

Another factor that will push up the value of this coin is the fact that it is a very liquid coin. That’s because it is traded on several of the major exchanges in the market. For instance, it is available on Bittrex and Poloniex, two of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. This is a major factor that is guaranteed to push up the value of this coin by a huge margin.

Why is that? Well, for starters, content creators have the confidence that once they get paid using AMP coins, they can easily convert it into bitcoin, or into any other crypto. They can also convert it into fiat currency with ease. On top of that, speculators are also likely to push up this market as they get to learn of its power to transform the content creation industry. A combination of high liquidity and demand by both speculators and content creators is guaranteed to push up the value of this coin significantly.

Even better is the fact that Synereo intends to burn 33% of all its AMP holdings. That’s a 33% reduction in the total supply of this coin. If the laws of economics are anything to go by, then this is really good news for anyone holding AMP coins. That’s because with the reduced supply relative to its growing demand, the price can only go up. From a technical analysis perspective, once the burn takes place, you can expect the value of this coin to go up by over 50%. That’s not just an arbitrary figure. We have seen that happen with many other cryptos that burn some of their coins. The value usually jumps by a huge margin. In essence, getting in before the burn takes place, gives you the strategic edge you need to make money as the price rises.

synereo (amp) price graph

At the moment, the value of AMP coin is on a downtrend, but that has nothing to do with the coin.

At the moment, the value of AMP coin is on a downtrend, but that has nothing to do with the coin. This is simply because of the bear trend in the entire crypto market. Even bigger coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are relatively depressed right now. However, once the market rebounds, expect the value of this coin to shoot up significantly. In fact, for a smart investor, this is the best time to stock up on AMP coins.

This assertion is based on the simple economics principle that for you to make money in the financial markets, you need to buy when the market is low, and sell when it’s high. In this case, the value of AMP is down right now, which makes it a perfect buying opportunity. The fundamentals of this coin are just too impressive for someone to expect anything else. The price is right, the demand is high, and the potential for growth is exponentially high. What else would you be looking for in a perfect crypto that has the potential to make you a millionaire?