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The crypto market is down, but this a good chance to buy into high value cryptos, while they are still undervalued. One coin you should be looking to invest in right now is shift (SHIFT). Everything about this crypto points to a coin that is about to explode in value once the bears run out of steam in the market. Here are some of the reasons why this coin is a diamond in the rough, and it makes sense to have it in your crypto portfolio.

Predictions for $SHIFT Market Capitalization in 2018

  1. It is creating a decentralized internet

There is no denying, the internet as we know it today is highly centralized. Information is controlled by major media and tech companies. Even personal data is in the hands of corporations that decide what to do with it, without asking you for permission. This centralization of information has created a situation where security is a major concern for many internet users. SHIFT aims to put an end to all this by creating a decentralized internet. It does this through its phantom Dapp that decentralizes the internet using the IPFS protocol. Once this is adopted by the masses, you can expect the value of SHIFT coin to shoot to the moon. That’s because SHIFT will be at the center of all transactions that take place through the internet, giving its an intrinsic value that is lacking in many cryptos in the market right now.

  1. It is way better than other smart contract platforms

Ethereum is the premier smart contracts platform, which explains why it has significantly rose in value over the last one year. However, it has its limitations that SHIFT is capitalizing on to grow in the smart contracts space. One of the aspects where SHIFT is way better than Ethereum is in the programming language used. For a developer to write a decentralized app on the Ethereum platform, they would have to learn solidity, a relatively new language. This can be quite limiting when looking to launch a large-scale project that requires a large number of developers. This is one of the areas where SHIFT takes the lead. That’s because through its Dapps platform, developers can write their applications in java script, one of the most common programming languages in the world. In essence, anyone looking to launch a large decentralized application within a short time would achieve this faster with SHIFT. This gives SHIFT a high intrinsic value, which is the fuel it needs to grow significantly in value in the long-run.

  1. It uses a decentralized prove-of-stake mining system

Unlike the proof-of –work algorithm which is energy intensive, the decentralized prove-of-stake is highly efficient and doesn’t require much energy. Besides, this system is also highly scalable, which means SHIFT doesn’t have the problems that the major cryptos such as bitcoin and Ethereum have to deal with. This means that in the long-run, SHIFT will probably be the go-to platform for launching large-scale decentralized apps. In essence, Shift (SHIFT) coin relatively undervalued at current price levels, and a good buy for an investor looking for long-term value growth.

  1. It has a capped supply

The supply of a cryptocurrency is part of what determines its value. It’s simple economics. When there is finite supply relative to an infinite demand, then the price shoots up. There are only slightly over 11 million Shift (SHIFT) coins. That’s a relatively small figure in a market where some coins have an infinite supply. As the demand for this coin grows based on the factors we have discussed above, you can expect its value to skyrocket because this demand will be chasing a very limited number of coins.

  1. The whole market is poised for a major breakout

The value of Shift (SHIFT) coin is down right now, but that’s not because there are any fundamental flaws to this coin. The reason why this coin is down is because the whole market is in a bear run. However, a consolidation pattern is forming on the entire market. This is indicative of an impending breakout that could easily take the market capitalization of the crypto market to over $1 trillion.

Personally, I believe Shift will hit a valuation of $1 billion in 2018. A combination of its fundamentals with a market-wide breakout will see this crypto hit a market cap of $1 billion and above. In essence, this is the best time to stock up on this coin. It is relatively underpriced, and offers an excellent entry point with a price target of $15 and above. In fact, a quick glance at this coin’s long-term chart shows that $10 should be the first price level where it experiences resistance, once it breaks out of its current range. That would be an exceptional return if one gets in at the current price of around $3-$4.