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Cryptocurrencies are going mainstream, and more people are holding a significant portion of their investments in cryptos. But there is a challenge to this. Most traditional financial institutions don’t accept cryptocurrencies as securities for lending out money. In fact, most banks are still debating on whether to open bank accounts for crypto holders. This gap between the emerging realities of cryptocurrencies as a mainstay investment, and the slow recognition by banks of the same, is an opportunity for Salt (Salt) crypto. Salt (Salt) is all about lending money based on crypto wealth, something that is guaranteed to revolutionize crypto investments. Considering that the demand for loans is ever growing, you can expect this cryptocurrency to moon in the coming days. Outside of these macro-environmental factors, Salt as a platform has everything going for it. There is nothing stopping this coin’s exponential growth in the long-run. Here’s why!

SALT Coin Predictions for 2018

  1. Salt loan applications don’t need credit checks

Let’s face it, getting a loan the traditional way, whether from a bank or any other financial institution is not an easy process. In fact, one can argue that the loan disbursal system is designed to discourage you. For instance, the financial institutions go through your credit history, and any sign that there was a time when you defaulted on a loan, is a sure way to make the process even harder for you.

Salt makes the loan process extremely easy, by eliminating all the bureaucracies that come with the loan application process. All you have to do is have a crypto portfolio, and you instantly qualify for a loan. Besides, the money is sent directly to your bank account. As more people get to learn of this aspect of Salt, you can expect the value of Salt (Salt) to rise by a significant margin.

  1. Salt loans rates are very competitive

If you have ever taken a loan online or through a credit card, then you know how expensive such loans are. These loans are priced at a premium to protect the lender in case of a default. It is for the same reason that these loans have prepayment plans that only serve to hurt the borrower. All these are issues that people who borrow through salt don’t have to worry about. Salt loans don’t require any prepayments and come at very competitive interest rates.

Even better is the fact that they are available to everyone all across the world. Clearly, salt is set to completely disrupt and dominate the online lending industry, and so will the value of salt (salt) coin. That’s because a growth in loan figures would translate to a growth in the fundamental value of this coin, and that’s what partly determines the price of a cryptocurrency.

  1. Ease of getting back your assets

We all know that even after paying your loan in traditional financial institutions, getting your money back is not easy. The paperwork involved is crazy and can negatively affect you, especially if you need the asset to take advantage of arising opportunities. Salt makes use of blockchain technology to ensure that you never have to deal with such problems. In fact, with Salt, you can get back your crypto assets anytime you need them, provided you repay back the loan. The process is pretty much instant. This aspect of Salt is guaranteed to make it the preferred platform for people seeking out online loans, and as a result push up the value of salt (salt).

  1. Salt (Salt) is consolidating

A quick glance at the salt (salt) chart shows a cryptocurrency that is in the consolidation phase. The price is trading in a range, even as the volumes increase. This is a sign that whales are taking up positions in anticipation of a major move in the salt (salt) market. As an investor, you should also invest with the whales, since they usually have the capacity to move the markets. Going by the SALT (salt) day chart, if the price of this crypto breaks out to the upside, its first point of resistance would be at around the $9 price level.

That’s a massive price gain considering that the crypto is currently trading at the $4 price level. Besides by buying now, you are leveraging the fact that the entire market is also in a consolidation phase. Once the crypto market breaks out, it will be a repeat of 2017. A coin like SALT (salt) which has very strong fundamentals will hit the stratosphere.

Where to buy Salt

Salt (Salt) is listed on a number of major exchanges including on Binance and Bittrex. If you are buying for the long-run, it would make sense to store your salt coins in a cold storage wallet such as Jaxx wallet, or Trezor.