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Other than Bitcoin, Dash is one of those cryptocurrencies that has had a good run in 2017. At its current prices of around $1500, Dash coin has made investors rich this year. In case you feel like you have missed out on Dash’s exemplary run, don’t worry!

There is a good chance that it will continue its stellar performance in 2018. In fact, Dash could outperform Bitcoin in 2018, with $10,000 Dash coin being a possibility. In case you are wondering why Dash coin has a good chance to perform well in 2018? Let’s go through 4 reasons that support this assertion.

Dash could easily take over in 2018

1. Low transaction fees

In recent weeks, a lot of investors have piled their money into bitcoin due to its great performance throughout the year. However, this surge in investor interest has led to an increase in transaction costs too. It now costs up to $3 just to transact $10 worth of bitcoins. This is a problem that Dash coin doesn’t have to deal with.

It’s highly scalable block size can be adjusted to meet the needs of an increased customer base, without an extraordinary increase in transaction costs. As new investors get to learn of this aspect of Dash coin, demand will increase, and so will its price in 2018.

2. Dash has a harmonious community

Dash Website

Official website: https://www.dash.org/

The Dash community is united, which makes it easy to arrive at decisions that are meant to make the system better. For example, when it became clear that the block size was being a hindrance to Dash scalability, the community was able to decide and increase it within 24 hours.

This is in stark contrast to the bitcoin community which is so fractured that it couldn’t arrive at a decision to make the network better. As more investors learn about this aspect of Dash over Bitcoin, you can rest assured that its price will rise even further in 2018.

3. Dash has a high level of privacy

One of the main reasons contributing to the rise of cryptocurrencies is privacy. However, many new investors are yet to know that their favorite cryptocurrency, bitcoin, is not private.

Bitcoin transactions are easy to trace, unlike Dash transactions which are completely anonymous. It is this element of privacy that will propel the value of Dash coin even further up, as more people get to learn about it. This makes 2018 a great year to invest in Dash coin.

4. Fast transaction speeds

One of the surest factors to the mass adoption of a cryptocurrency is its speed. On this front bitcoin, the foremost cryptocurrency has failed; with transactions taking up to 10 minutes. Thanks to a bigger block size, Dash doesn’t have to deal with this problem and can handle thousands of transactions per second. This will be one of the key factors driving up Dash’s value, as more people begin to realize the weakness of bitcoin as a transactional currency. A combination of transaction speeds and the other factors mentioned above could easily push Dash above $10,000 in 2018.