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If you are a Crypto guru, then you’re probably aware of the great potential that little-known raven coin (RVN) has in store. That is not to mean that these goodies are a preserve of the pundits in the sector. You too can grab a piece of this coin and make a killing, as it continues to gain market recognition.

It’s such an interesting project that big money is taking note. For instance, Overstock has already put in millions of dollars into this project. In case you are still undecided on this coin, here are a few exciting reasons why Raven (RVN) coin is headed to the moon.

Raven $RVN Coin Predictions for 2018

  1. It adheres to a merit-based approach.

The Crypto craze has seen all sort of unscrupulous deals as each developer rushes to get their coin out there. It is one of the reason most of us have been very skeptical embracing some of them. In fact, we have all seen how the recent shakes in the market have hit weak altcoins. However, with RVN, that should be the least of your concern. The team behind it emphasized from the start that there would be no pre-mined coin allocations. The idea was to avert any likelihood of pump and dumb schemes. Therefore, by investing in this coin, you are sure that the likelihood of losing your money to market manipulation are minimal. This makes it a relatively strong coin, in a market where small coins are always prone to devastating pump-and-dump schemes.

  1. It’s bound to align to market growth

We all agree that the stability of a cryptocurrency goes a long way in projecting its future trends. However, the past few months have not been so friendly for the industry, as most of the coins have been on downhill trend. However, even as the entire market drops, the value of Raven (RVN) is relatively stable. This means that investors have confidence in this coin, and you too should be looking to jump in and make some money as the market rises.

  1. It is ASIC resistant

The whole idea behind blockchain technology is decentralization. Raven (RVN) adheres to this principle because it is designed to be ASIC resistant. Essentially this means that mining power is fairly distributed. As such, one single player or group of players cannot collude to manipulate the market. In essence, by investing in Raven (RVN) coin, you will be investing in a project that is true to the whole essence of blockchain technology. This feature is guaranteed to push up the value of Raven (RVN) in the long-run.

  1. The risks are relatively low

Raven coin is only two months old and it is trading at pennies on the dollar. Considering that it has some strong fundamentals, then it follows that chances of it increasing in price are quite high, relative to its downside risk. The long-term potential of this coin is $1 and above, which would be a big reward for those who invest now. This is definitely a coin to buy and HODL!