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About ASIC Mining

Section 1: Definition of Terms

ASIC = Application-specific integrated circuit
GPU = Graphic processing unit

At the moment in the crypto currency industry, there is a lot of contention in regards to ASIC mining (Bitcoins) vs GPU mining (Ethereum, Zcash etc). Our platform is always at the vanguard of crypto currency trends. We had conducted an in-depth investigation in the present-day market and arrived at multiple conclusions.

Brief definition of ASIC mining

A bitcoin machine unravels an intricate algorithm and gets recompense as a little fragment of bitcoin. The machine is uncommonly constructed for this reason and this reason alone.

Brief definition of GPU mining

Graphics card resolves an intricate algorithm and gets recompense in the form of the immediate crypto currency it is mining. GPU mining currencies are of several different types in the crypto currency industry. Interestingly, computers are the major mining machine in GPU mining.

Section 2: Our Choice of GPU

Our immediate choice of GPU over other technologies is borne out of the following benefits:

Resale worth

Graphics cards are as of now being purchased and sold second hand universally. This market is colossal locally and globally and simple to reach through publicizing. The significant issue here is to utilize your graphics card until the point when you have recuperated your starting capital and made some financial gain while there is still some warranty left on your card. This would be the ideal time to offer for sale. In the event that the state of financial gain is as yet adequate there is no compelling reason to redesign and upgrade. The conventional warranty on a graphics card is around three years. ASIC miners have a warranty of around three months. They are harder to sell again as they have a tendency to be more costly and fall inside a specialty market.

General purpose

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) miners are the usual computers. We are mining at the time as we develop and write this blog content. In our platform, we offer and sell customize rigs that are constructed to the extraordinary and harvest the graphics cards’ computation strengths desired to retain costs to a minimum. In contradiction, ASIC miners are constructed only to mine Bitcoin and can never be utilized as a desktop computer.

Energy Saving

We have discovered that GPU mining’s energy use is much lower than that of ASIC miners. Conserving energy preserves money. We have additionally had achievement running our rig on a sun-based power framework. We wouldn’t encourage you to obtain a sun-powered power system for this reason solely as they are costly, yet in the event that you as of now have one it could most likely be used. Mining off the grid is conceivable.

Noise pollution

It is conventional for ASIC miners to generate a lot of noise because of the gigantic fan that is installed to work continuously in order to maintain the coolness of the machine. On the internet today, there are several videos associated with this problem. However, the GPU miners with much lower fans installed do generate noise just as smaller as the one generated by a gaming computer.


To update a GPU miner requires updating your graphics card. To update a graphics card is simple and more often than not, you require not purchase a whole new PC. To update an ASIC miner you have to purchase another machine totally. Unless you are updating on a gigantic scale, updating your gaming computer with another graphics card will also at the same time extend your mining abilities. It is advantageous and satisfactory to all parties involved.

Return on investment is speedily

It is quicker to achieve return on investment because graphics cards are inexpensive than ASIC miners. Do the calculation.

The cool factor

A wonderful graphics card or two simply look so lovely in a customized computer case. Conversely, ASIC miners could be painted, however the warranty would presumably terminate promptly. They are not cool.


We operate and control the platform with this information as contained herein based on recent discoveries. We continuously investigate crypto currencies and will keep you informed as we encounter recent discoveries in crypto currencies industry. In the past ASIC miners were more profit-making however circumstances are different now and rivalry has developed. These are established on our discoveries for 2016 up to this point.